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​​​Voyageur II Rates (one way)

$76.00 Grand Portage to Windigo/ Windigo to Grand Portage
$94.00 Grand Portage to any designated same day stop beyond Windigo/Any designated same day stop beyond Windigo to Grand Portage
$62.00 - $75.00 Inter-island travel between various same day designated island stops, the higher rate is the trip from Rock Harbor or Daisy Farm to Windigo and from Windigo to Rock Harbor.
$57 - $68 Inter-island travel for children under 16 years of age
free Any trip for children 3 years of age and under
$70 Child under 16 Grand Portage to Windigo/Windigo to Grand Portage
$86 Child under 16 Grand Portage to any same day stop beyond Windigo/same day stops beyond Windigo to Grand Portage


Sea Hunter Rates (campers one way between Grand Portage and Windigo)
$76 Adult Camper One-way fare
$70 Children Campers under 16 years of age One-way fare
Free Children 3 years of age and under









​​Sea Hunter III or fall Voyageur II Day Trip only
$76 Day trip passenger over and back in the same day. ***NOT A CAMPER RATE***
$70 Day trip passenger under 16 only. ***NOT A CAMPER RATE***
FREE Children 3 years old or younger







Canoes/Kayaks/Xtra Baggage etc.
$40 Canoes/Kayaks (One Way)
$40 100# Additional Luggage and Gear in excess of 40# allowed (one way)
$20 Bicycles (one-way transport purposes only; bicycles are not allowed to be ridden while on the island. Please call us to make arrangements.)

Resupply Packages
Delivery for packages up to 20lbs: $20. Packages over 20lbs: $1 per pound. Delivery is available at any of our scheduled stops. Prior arrangments, payment, and approval are needed. Contact us for further information.

Canoe Rental (not affiliated with GPIR)
$30 per day $175 week 17' aluminum canoe w/paddles and 2 PFDs. (Does not include transportation to or from the island). Please call our office for more information or click "Additional Info" below.




2020 Rates

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